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Function Reference

Naming conventions:

Functions whose names:

  • start with "sdx..." accept XML string values as input
  • end with "...x" return XML string values as output.

The Sun API provides the following functions:

sdACos, sdASin, sdATan, sdCos, sdCTDx, sdD2Text, sdD2Unit, sdDMS2D, sdDUnpackx, sdEqu2Alt, sdEqu2Azi, sdInfo, sdMJDx, sdPI, sdSDYx, sdSin, sdTan, sdUnit2D, sdUTDx, sdVersion, sdxAlt, sdxAzi, sdxDecl, sdxEOT, sdxFindAnnFeatx, sdxGetv, sdxH, sdxTime2Text, sdxTimeUnpackx